Before we talk about us here are some screen shots of this program and what it can do.

Once you have signed up, you will shortly thereafter receive an emailed map update similar to the one below:

Email you first receive after signing up.

If you signed up on line, their is a ceiling on the number of homes you can view in a day.

We will gladly UPGRADE  your status if you just reply to one of the emails and ask for your FREE upgrade.

The Looking Glass Perspective when you open your email and click on a neighborhood.

When you first sign up on line you would receive daily updates based on the price range you chose. Notice the purple icons that you can use to view virtual tours throughout many neighborhoods.

Overview with Price Range Choice in upper left part of your browser window.

You can click down on the menu and change your price range, then reload and the new price range is what will be shown.

Once you have clicked on "NEW" on the left side of your window under "Neighborhoods" you can glide your cursor over a house icon and it will give you an overview photo and information.

Moving your mouse cursor over a home icon brings up information on that home.

If you double click on a house icon more information will appear on the right side of your browser window.

Double clicking on the house icon will bring up additional information on the right side of your browser window.

You can also click on the little directional arrows on the top left (black border) of the property information box to expand it for additional information.

See the "Expand The Side Window" dialogue box.

An example of the expanded window is below:

Expanded Home View

If you prefer to look at the list of homes, click on the "List View" on the upper left (dark border) of the home information view (on the right side of your screen).

See the "List View" text on upper left (dark border) of the home information (on the right side of your screen).

The resulting view of the list is shown below:

List view of properties.

You can also expand this list by clicking on the little expansion arrow in the black border on the upper left of your property list.

Notice to the left of each property is the type of change whether price, pictures added, or new listing.

Expanded list view.  Notice camera icons for those homes with photos and also the accessibility icon to the left of the camera icon.

Notice the check boxes and the "Print" text at the top of the list as shown above.

As shown below, a print dialogue will come up asking you about the listings you want to print.

Choose the properties you want to print.

At the top of the property box is a "Request Showing" link.

That easy to use box can also function as a request for more information on properties that you have an interest in.

Request Showing window also available to ask for more additional information.

Search By Monthly Loan Payment

Another upgraded feature that is available is the ability to search by monthly loan payment.

Below is an example of 3 loan programs that would show a variety of monthly payments.

You can choose what loan program and if you prefer to search by that loan program or by price.

Annual property taxes can vary greatly depending on the county you are looking in.

Some neighborhoods on county lines may have monthly property tax differences of $5, $10. or even $100. a month.

With some areas such as Portland/Vancouver having Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah, Clark and a little south Yamhill County, it can be enlightning to do your search by monthly payment and compare how much more of a similar style home you can buy in one county over another.

Search for homes by loan program and monthly payment.

Please note that property taxes can and do change upon purchase so the monthly payments shown are with that property's most recent years tax amount.

 To be able to search by monthly mortgage payment, just reply to an email, or pick a property, click on "Request Showing" then in the "Anything I should know" text box mention you want to be prequalified to receive updates by monthly loan payment.

You can also contact Brent Lucas:

Call Brent Lucas at 503-243-4014 or mobile  503-704-8885

or Tom and Patti Wilser along with Bruce and Sue, our other real estate team members.

Over 30 years helping people with their real estate needs.

Tom and Patti Wilser 503-768-4663 or 1-800-909-1091

If you don't have a lender, then this is an opportunity to work with a great one.

If you do have a lender, then isn't a second opinion a wise option?  At best it will save you money.  The only down side would be a little time to confirm what you already know about your ability to qualify for a new loan.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about this NEW and EXCITING home search tool.

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